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At Willow Pediatric Dentistry, we treat kids of all ages, including pre-teens and teenagers. When it comes to treating adolescent children, we focus on preventive care and encouraging healthy dental habits. We work alongside parents to help teens avoid common dental issues like cavities and gum disease because we want to ensure a trajectory of positive oral health. If you need a dentist for your teen in Rancho Santa Margarita, we would feel honored to help!

Dental Health Challenges for Teens

Teens face unique oral health issues, including a higher risk of cavities
Teens may consume more sugar as they become independent, and may neglect oral care
Your child’s dental habits during their teenage years will have a long-lasting effect on their overall oral health
Willow specializes in treating teens and pre-teens with approachable, informative dentistry 

Why Is Dental Care so Important for Teens?

As teenagers get older, they become more independent. They often have diets high in sugar, begin consuming coffee, and their oral health can fall by the wayside. The dental habits your child develops as a teenager will inform how they care for their teeth for the rest of their lives. Maintaining proper oral hygiene as a teen is very important for their life-long oral health!

How Often Should My Teenager See the Dentist?

Teenagers should see the dentist every six months for a cleaning and oral exam, just like children and adults. A six-month interval is ideal because it allows us to clean your teen’s teeth regularly, and check for signs of potential oral health issues like cavities and gum disease. Catching these kinds of problems early save you time and money.

What Are the Most Common Teen Dental Health Issues?

Cavities can be a major issue during the teen years. You won’t be able to supervise your teen’s diet as closely as they get older and more independent, which can lead to a higher risk of tooth decay. Gingivitis (gum disease) may also affect your teen if they do not brush and floss properly.

Your teen may also start getting wisdom teeth (their final set of molars) around the age of 17, though some may get their wisdom teeth even earlier. These teeth must usually be pulled to protect your teen’s oral health, as they usually do not erupt properly, and can damage and crowd the rest of their teeth.

What Should I Expect During a Teen Appointment?

We treat teenagers just like he would treat an adult. The team at Willow Pediatric Dentistry will clean your child’s teeth, then our doctor will examine your child’s mouth and respectfully address any potential oral health issues. We will also give your teen honest, down-to-earth advice about how to care for their teeth properly.

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