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Don’t Brush Off Preventive Care!

At Willow Pediatric Dentistry, our goal is always to keep your child’s mouth healthy through preventive dentistry and education. Don’t wait until your child has a toothache to come visit us! Preventive care like dental sealants and fluoride treatments can help prevent dental issues altogether and keep little teeth strong and healthy. Call today to schedule a checkup and preventive appointment for your child!

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The Benefits of Pediatric Preventive Dentistry

Preventive appointments ensure that we catch oral health issues early and take the proper action to keep your child’s mouth healthy
Our doctor is a highly-qualified pediatric dentist with years of experience working with kids
From infants to teenagers, we offer highly personalized preventative care for every pediatric patient
Regular preventive care saves you both time and money by helping your little one avoid the need for restorative treatments

Why Are Good Dental Habits So Important?

Preventative dentistry starts at home. Visiting us every six months is no substitute for good dental habits every day. Proper oral care includes brushing at least twice a day for two minutes, and flossing once per day. It’s important to take steps to encourage proper oral hygiene so your little one can enjoy a carefree, happy smile well into adulthood.

How Do Dental Sealants Prevent Cavities?

Dental sealants consist of a clear plastic resin that is applied to your child’s rear teeth in liquid form. Once the liquid resin hardens, it creates a strong barrier that prevents oral bacteria, acid, and food particles from contacting the enamel directly, which stops cavities from forming. Sealants can help prevent cavities for up to 10 years.

What Are Fluoride Treatments?

Fluoride is a naturally-occurring mineral that has the unique ability to help your teeth “remineralize” after they have been weakened by tooth decay. Because of this, fluoride treatments can be used to reverse the most minor stage of tooth decay, called “soft spots.” During treatment, a fluoride-rich paste is applied directly to your child’s teeth, left in place for a few minutes, then rinsed away. After this treatment, the tooth will attract minerals like calcium and phosphate, which will make the outer layers of your child’s tooth stronger.

Does My Child Need X-Rays?

We may recommend radiographs as part of your child’s checkup if we believe that they have a dental issue that may not be apparent from a visual exam alone, such as teeth that are growing in improperly or hidden tooth decay. Our x-rays are modern and very safe, and we will only take x-rays upon your approval.

What Is Periodontal Care? Why Would My Child Need It?

Studies show that more than half of teens have some form of gum disease. This is most likely due to a diet high in sugar along with improper oral hygiene habits. Signs of gingivitis (the first stage of gum disease) include gum tenderness, redness, or puffiness as well as bleeding when your child brushes and flosses.
Periodontal care, such as a deep cleaning (scaling & root planing) along with antibiotic treatment can eliminate gingivitis, and keep your child’s gums and teeth healthy. Schedule an appointment today if you think your child may have gingivitis! We will always check for signs of gum disease during routine appointments in order to address the issue as early as possible.

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