What If My Child Knocks Out A Tooth?

It’s every parent’s nightmare. Your child comes in from playing outside or from the sports field, their mouth is bleeding, and they’re holding a tooth that got knocked out. What do you do? 

First, don’t panic. Next, read this blog from Willow Pediatric Dentistry. A knocked-out tooth is serious, but the steps you’ll need to take and the treatments available for your child will vary depending on what kind of tooth they’ve lost, their age, and a few other factors. 

What If My Child Knocks Out A Baby Tooth?

If your child’s tooth was loose and was about to fall out anyway, you don’t need to be concerned. It’s normal for baby teeth to fall out. So if your child has been complaining about a loose tooth baby tooth for a while and then the tooth falls out without any pain or bleeding, don’t worry about it. Tell them to stick the tooth under their pillow for the Tooth Fairy, and get on with your life.

However, if your child knocks a baby tooth out and you don’t think it was loose, or there is a lot of pain or bleeding associated with their injury, it’s likely their baby tooth was knocked out before it was supposed to fall out. 

In this case, you will need to come to Willow Pediatric Dentistry. Dr. Sam will examine their mouth and help you choose the right solution. In most cases, your child will get what’s called a “space maintainer.” This is a small metal or plastic device that will sit between your child’s teeth, in the gap where they lost a tooth.

A space maintainer does exactly what it sounds like. It maintains the proper gap between your child’s remaining teeth, which ensures their adult teeth continue to erupt properly as they grow. 

What If My Child Knocks Out An Adult Tooth?

If your child knocks out an adult tooth, recover the tooth and rinse it off, then put it into a small container of cold milk to keep it moist. Then, drop everything else and call us at (949) 966-0669. Dr. Sam will need to replace it and splint it to the other teeth within 1-2 hours to save it. If you do not come to Willow Pediatric Dentistry in time, the tooth will die and we will not be able to replace it.

If your child’s tooth cannot be saved, you will need to replace it. If your child is older and their jaw has developed completely, a dental implant may be recommended. However, if they are younger, a temporary denture may be recommended until their jaw is fully grown and they can get a dental implant.

Protect Your Child With A Custom-Fitted Sports Mouthguard 

While it’s possible for your child to knock out a tooth when they’re playing around with friends, fall down, or just as part of any other accident, the majority of dental injuries happen in kids who are playing contact sports.

And the best way to prevent your child from having their tooth knocked out is to invest in a custom-fitted sports mouthguard from Willow Pediatric Dentistry. A mouthguard will spread out the force of impacts to your child’s mouth, making it less likely that they’ll chip, break, or lose a tooth if they play a contact sport. 

The numbers don’t lie. Athletes are 60x more likely to experience tooth damage if they do not wear a mouthguard, so it’s important to get your child a mouthguard, particularly if they’re older and play high-intensity middle school or high school sports.

Contact Willow Pediatric Dentistry For The Care Your Child Needs 

Whether your child has lost a tooth and you need immediate dental care, you’re interested in an athletic mouthguard for your child, or your kids are just overdue for six-month dental appointments in Rancho Santa Margarita, Willow Pediatric Dentistry is here to help. Contact us online or call today at (949) 966-0669 to schedule the care you need for your kids.

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