My Child Hates Brushing Their Teeth - What Do I Do?

Ensuring your child has good dental hygiene is never easy. Kids can be fussy about a lot of things, and brushing their teeth is often one of them. In fact, some children can downright hate brushing their teeth altogether.

So, what’s a parent to do? Here are a few tips on how to get your child to brush their teeth every single day:

Turn It into Playtime

Most kids don’t have the longest attention span, so brushing their teeth can seem downright boring. Therefore, if you want to get your child to take part in this activity, you can turn it into something more enjoyable and fun. 

Play music while brushing their teeth and encourage the child to dance and have fun, or make the entire "getting ready for bed" process like a contest. Your child might not understand the importance of brushing their teeth in the long run, but if the activity is more enjoyable, they are more likely to take part in it.

Join Them

Actions speak louder than words, and your child is like a sponge of information. They learn by mimicking, so they can learn how to brush their teeth by seeing you do it as well.

You can brush your teeth together, and guide your child through the process. Explain the importance of having clean teeth and brushing after every meal, and how that will make their teeth stronger.

Brush Their Toys

You can have a separate toothbrush and encourage the child to brush the teeth of one of their dolls or teddy bears. Use this time to explain what can happen if you don’t brush your teeth, like how it can affect their smile. When they are brushing the toys, you can ask them if they’re ready to brush their own teeth too.

Involve Them in the Process

Give your child a bit more responsibility to make them more involved in the process. Let them choose their own toothbrush and even toothpaste. Ask them if they want to brush their teeth now or later, instead of telling them to do it this second. This gives your child more control and can make them less likely to resist this stage altogether.

Help Them Visualize the Benefits

Children can find it difficult to conceptualize abstract concepts, so use educational books or videos to help the child "see" how brushing their teeth helps them. You can find loads of fun videos online for free.

Bring Your Child to Willow Pediatric Dentistry

With these tips, your child will enjoy brushing their teeth! If you need extra help, your child’s smile is in good hands at Willow Pediatric Dentistry! Our pediatric dentistry services can provide your child with the right support to help their teeth grow strong and healthy.

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